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Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Dolomiti di Brenta, Rifugio Silvio Agostini

The Agostini Refuge is at the higher end of the Ambiez Valley, a short distance from the Ambiez hanging glacier. This is the southernmost refuge in the Brenta Dolomites. It offers magnificent views over the Giudicarie Valley and its Bondone, Stivo and Baldo peaks as well as over Monte Gazza opposite. It is reached by following path 325 which climbs up through the Ambiez Valley.
 A jeep offers a taxi service as far as the Al Cacciatore Refuge below. Other routes leave from Molveno, Seo-Stenico and San Lorenzo through the Doré Valley or over the Forcella Bregain Col or through the Jon Valley or past Masi di Dengolo: although delightful, these are all fairly tiring routes and should perhaps be avoided by those hoping to reach the Agostini Refuge without too much effort. 
The easiest high altitude refuge to get to from the Agostini is the Pedrotti following the Palmieri path. In addition the Dodici Apostoli, Brentei, Alpenrose, Malga Andalo, Ghedina and, of course, Al Cacciatore refuges are all linked directly to the Agostini Refuge along unusual routes used by few people.

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Altitude   m.2410
Location  Val d'Ambiez
number of beds  60
telefono , fax 0465-734138
opening period indicative 20.6 – 20.9


Access routes: from San Lorenzo in Banale along the Ambiez Valley (path 325)

difference in height: m. 1550  maximum height: m.2410 , Rif. Agostini


height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Baesa-Ristoro Dolomiti 860 0 0 -
 ex Malga Prato di Sotto, fork 342 1671 150 h 2,30 -
Rif. Al Cacciatore, fork 348 1821 20 h 2,50 Path for the Malga Asbelz, Jon Valley or Malga Valandro
Busa dei Malgani, fork 351 1960 35 h 3,25 path for the Alpenrose Refuge via the Forcella Bregain Col

Rifugio Agostini

2410 60 h 4,25 --
Il Rifugio Silvio Agostini, Dolomiti di Brenta Cartina_Rifugi_Cacciatori_e_Agostini.jpg (313172 byte)
The Silvio Agostini Refuge, recently renovated: on the right can be seen the enormous boulders that used to form the peak of the Torre Jandl and which broke loose in 1957  u Cartina per gentile concessione Editrice La Giralpina

Access routes: from San Lorenzo in Banale along the Jon  Valley (path 349)

difference in height : m. 1988  maximum height : m.2410 , Rif. Agostini


area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Ponte di Baesa 798 0 0 See Map
fork per Dengolo , s.342 964 30 h 0,30 --
Masi di Jon 1126 20 h 0,50 --
Malga Bassa Andogno 1663 110 h 2,40 --
Malga Asbelz 1956 60 h 3,40 --
fork 349-348,lago Asbelz 2024 10 h 3,50 take path 348 to the north (turn right), then, following path 348 to the left, you come to Seo
Sella di Colmalta 2276 45 h 4,35 --
Prà del Vescovo, sopra Senaso di Sopra 1900 60 h 5,35 descent along an unmarked path towards the Malga Senaso di Sopra and Malga Senaso di Sotto, from here short cut back to Baesa along path 342 or 325
Le Mughere , fork 348- 325 1925 90 h 7,05 from here in a few minutes you get to the Al Cacciatore Refuge
Rifugio Agostini 2410 80 h 8,25 --

access route from   Molveno along   the  Ceda Valley (path 326, 320)

difference in height : m.1588 maximum height : m.2423, Forcolotta di Noghera


area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Molveno -Camping Strada  Ponte Romano 326 835 0 0
Cartina  su gentile concessione Editrice la Giralpina
fork 332- 326 326 925 15 min. h 0,15
La Vela , fork strada for, s.326 326 1174 30 h 0,45
ex malga di Ceda Bassa 326 1440 65 h 1,50
rovine di Malga Ceda Alta 326 1888 80 h 3,10
FORK 320-326, cresta  est di Ceda 320 a sin 2414 90  h 4,40 svoltando a destra per il 320 si arriva in circa 90 min. al Rifugio Pedrotti
Forcolotta di Noghera, fork 320-345 320 2423 15 h 4,55 il Sent 345 porta al rifugio Alpenrose  per la Val Doré
Rifugio Agostini 2410 50 h 5,45 --
La valle di Ambiez nei pressi della Busa dei Malgani La Valle di Ambiez vista dalla Ferrata Castiglioni

The “towers” of the Ambiez Valley seen from the Al Cacciatore San Lorenzo Refuge

 Cima di Ghez
Cima Ambiez e Cima Castei.JPG (274388 byte) R.Agosstini da s.JPG (232818 byte)
Cima Ambiez e a destra I Castei Rifugio Agostini dal s.320 con Cima D'Agola, Cima Susat, Cima Prato Fiorito, Le Tose

Access from the Alpenrose Refuge near San Lorenzo in Banale on path 345 along the Doré Valley and the Rossati peak, path 345

difference in height  : m.1588 maximum height : m.2423, Forcolotta di Noghera

Description SEE MAP

area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Rifugio Alpenrose,  345 1074 0 0 accessible by car as far as the car park just above the Bar Erica
fork 345-345b 345 1541 1,20 1,20 car_alpenrose_agostini.jpg (444438 byte)
Cartina per gentile concessione Editrice La Giralpina
Passo dei Rossati 345 2358 2,20 3,40
Spigolo est Dalum 345 1980* 1,00 4,40
Forcolotta di Noghera,fork 320 320 2423 1,30 6,10
Rifugio Agostini -- 2410 0,50 7,00

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