Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Trentino by car in the valleys around the Brenta Group: Tour of the Rendena Valley

 A trip to the Genova Valley can be enjoyably combined with a visit to the village of Montagne and its districts of Lariana and Binio Start from Ponte Arche, towards Tione . Very soon you come to the turn-off for Ragoli and then you head for Preore. From Preore turn right and take road no. 53 which winds uphill as far as Binio (outlying district of Montagne, 1075 m.).
 Carry on along the asphalt road (winding and narrow) towards the Daone Pass (1,300 m.). Near Borzago take the main road for the Rendena Valley. After the bridge in Carisolo turn left in the direction of the Genova Valley and the Cascate Nardis waterfall (a walk to the Bedole Refuge, about 3 hours, is recommended). For the return journey, if you do not wish to go around the Brenta Group, take the classic route: Pinzolo, Tione, Ponte Arche.
Those people interested in religious art should take a look at the churches where the itinerant Baschenis family of painters from Averaria near Bergamo once worked: in Pinzolo the church of San Vigilio boasts an impressive Danse Macabre while in Massimeno the façade of the church was painted by Simone Baschenis towards 1530, as it was in Giustino where the church of Santa Lucia also has a carved wooden high altar sculpted by Stefano Lamberti. 
Dionisio Baschenis decorated the small church of San Valentino above Vigo Rendena, while other works of his can be seen in the church of Sant’Antonio Abate, just to the north of Pelugo.

Road Kilometres from start area Height above sea level Worth seeing
ss 237 0 Ponte Arche 400 road map
sp 53 17 Preore   - -
- - Montagne - -
- - Passo Daone 1300 -
ss.239 35 Borzago - -
- 41 Pinzolo 785 Chiesa San Vigilio
- 52 Val di Genova - Cascate Nardis
- 63 Carisolo 800 -
- 78 Madonna di Campiglio 1522 -
- 93 Pinzolo 785 -
ss.237 108 Tione 600 -
- 124 Ponte Arche 400 -




Chiesa di S. Vigilio

Cascate di Nardis.jpg (132450 byte)  
Cascate di Nardis 
Lago di Lares.jpg (113868 byte)
 Lago di Lares
Cascate di Lares 5.jpg (146683 byte)
Cascate del Lares
Val di Borzago.jpg (127358 byte)
Val di Borzago


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