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Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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The routes with fixed rope supports in the Brenta Dolomites, Trentino: sentiero Sosat

description: This route connects the Alimonta Refuge to the Tuckett Refuge by going around the western spur of the Punte di Campiglio. It is not particularly difficult except for two very long ladders which enable you to get past the dark canyon which comes down from the peak.


Starting point: rifugio Brentei, Val Brenta, mt 2176
Finishing point: Rifugio Tuckett ,
Maximum height: mt 2550 circa, Punta Campiglio canyon
Difference in height: about 400 meter
Time required: 2h, 40 min
number of path: 305 b
Level of difficulty: not difficult
Period recommended: june - september


sosat_sperone_sud.jpg (37171 byte)

The starting point  of  the Ferrata Sosat near R. Tuckett.

p.te_campiglio_2.jpg (39079 byte) The  punte di Campiglio Peak

Rifugio_Tuckett.JPG (139045 byte)

Rifugio Tuckett Punta Massari e Cima Mandron

sosat_scala.jpg (113657 byte)
Sentiero Sosat
Sentiero_Sosat_5.JPG (98789 byte) Sosat_passaggio.jpg (153713 byte)
Sentiero_Sosat_3.JPG (180633 byte) Sentiero_Sosat_4.JPG (197207 byte) IMG_1439_HJL (Large).jpg (173307 byte)

Panorama dal sentiero Sosat: dalla Cima Tosa a sx, Cima Margherita, Brenta Bassa, Bocca di Brenta, Brenta Alta e. sopra le nubi, Torre di Brenta e vedretta degli Armi.

Table of times between points and heights  sentiero Sosat

area path height time between areas time from start notes, route variations
rifugio Brentei, 323 2182 0 0 Cartina_Ferrata_Sosat.jpg (280283 byte)
Vallone dei Brentei, fork 305 b 305b 2380 0,50 0,50
fork 303-315 303 2300* 1,45 2,35 Cross-roads with path no. 303 from the Bocca del Tuckett pass and the Dallagiacomo path
Rifugio Tuckett  328 2270 0,05 2,40 -