Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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The routes with fixed rope supports in the Brenta Dolomites, Trentino: sentiero Oliva detassis

Laid out by the Detassis brothers, Bruno, Giordano and Catuallo, in affectionate and grateful homage to their mother, this route is reached by following the initial stretch of the path for the Alimonta Refuge as far Gemelli where you turn off. Take the path on the left towards the Brentei hanging glacier and when you arrive on the right-hand side, go towards the small steep canyon which comes down from the Bocchetta Alta dei Massodi pass where a plaque marks the beginning of the route. By means of long vertical ladders jutting out into nothing and stretches with fixed ropes, you go past a sheer rock face of 110 metres until you come to a narrow ledge a short distance from the Bocchetta Bassa dei Massodi and then join the Coggiola path which goes towards the Bocchette Alte pass, coming from the Bocca d’Armi pass

Starting point: Rifugio Alimonta, mt.2580 o Rif. Brentei
Finishing point: Rifugio Alimonta
Maximum height: m.2790, Bocchetta Bassa Massodi
Difference in height: mt 210
Time required:   1,30 Hours
number of path: 396
Level of difficulty: difficult, very exposed
Period recommended: middle june - september

Table of times between points and heights  sentiero Oliva Detassis

area path height time between areas
Rifugio Alimonta 2580 0 0
Cresta  ovest di Cima Molveno 2510* 0,10 0,10
Bocc. bassa dei Massodi 2790 1,00 1,10

Dolomiti di Brenta, Via delle Bocchette Contrafforti di Cima MolvenoJPG.jpg (125362 byte)
Dalla Vedretta degli Sfulmini all'attacco delle Bocchette Alte
Bocchetta Bassa dei Massodi.JPG (233452 byte) Bocc alte parete dopo bivio s.detassis.JPG (205631 byte)
Bocchetta bassa dei Massodi La ripida parete da affrontare dopo il bivio dei sentieri Coggiola Detassis
Canalone sentiero detassis.JPG (144119 byte) car_ferrata_detassis_g.jpg (392226 byte)
Canalone da risalire con il sentiero Detassis cartina per gentile concessione Casa Eeditrice La Giralpina