Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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The  Bocchette Alte way, Brenta Dolomites, Trentino

Description: Perhaps the best-known high mountain itinerary in the Dolomites. A magnificent route through a harsh environment which offers unforgettable views both to the south-east (Lake Molveno, Cima Paganella) and to the west (Adamello, Presanella). It has long exposed stretches and although these are equipped with fixed rope supports, the excursion is advisable only for expert and very fit mountain climbers. As with the Via delle Bocchette Centrali way, here too various stretches of the route are dedicated to well-deserving people. The start of the fixed rope route at the northern hanging glacier of the Sfulmini peak corresponds to the start of the Quintavalle path: by means of ladders you begin to climb up the western rock face of the Cima Molveno peak as far as the north-west terrace. Then you go down to the Bocca Bassa dei Massodi pass where you meet the Oliva Detassis path. This is the beginning of the stretch of the route dedicated to Mario Coggiola which continues as far as the Bocchetta Alta dei Massodi (2,950 m.), first crossing the Spallone dei Massodi peak (2,999 m.) and going down the “Ladder of friends” which is particularly long and exposed. At the Bocchetta Alta dei Massodi pass the Maria Foresti path begins which takes you to the terrace of the eastern slope of the Cima Brenta (3,002 m.). The last stretch of the Via delle Bocchette Alte way, from the north-eastern edge of the Cima Brenta to the Bocca del Tuckett pass, is dedicated to Carlo Garbari. From the Bocca del Tuckett pass you come to the refuge in a little over 30 minutes.

Starting point: Rifugio Alimonta, vedretta degli Armi.
Finishing point: Rifugio Tuckett, mt 2272
Maximum height: mt 3020, south edge of the  Cima Brenta
Difference in height: about 500 metri 
Time required: about 6 hours
Rest points and bars along the way: none
Path numbers: 305
Recommended route for early return to base: Oliva Detassis path (no. 396) which goes from the Bocchetta Bassa dei Massodi pass (2,796 m.) down along the Brentei hanging glacier to the Alimonta Refuge after going around the Cima Molveno edge; time about one hour.
Level of difficulty: Rather difficult and tiring and very exposed
Period recommended: mid-June to September
Main peaks crossed: Cima Molveno, Spallone dei Massodi, Cima Brenta
Special remarks: Some stretches go over snow and should be crossed very carefully


Table of times between points and heights  Bocchette Alte Way

area path height time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Rifugio Alimonta 323 2580 0 0 -
Bocca dei Armi, left, i.e. north-eastwards 305,sin 2749 0,40 0,40 take the left
Bocc.Bassa Massodi, fork 396 305 2790 1,00 1,40

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concessione Editrice la Giralpina

Bocc. alta Massodi 305 2950 0,50 2,30
Cengia Garbari 305 2950 0,40 3,10
Cima Brenta, spalla nord 305 2910 1,30 4,40
Bocca di Tuckett 303 2648 0,50 5,30
Rifugio Tuckett - 2270 0,50 6,20

Marco Comper Photo gallery: Bocchette Alte way, Brenta Dolomites

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