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Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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The routes with fixed rope supports in the Brenta Dolomites, Trentino: Sentiero Brentari

description: This fixed rope route is part of the Ideale path which links the Dodici  Apostoli Refuge with the Pedrotti Refuge high up and via the Bocca di Ambiez and Bocca della Tosa passes. The stretch we are interested in is not particularly difficult and allows hikers to enjoy peerless views over the loveliest peaks in the Brenta Dolomites. Leave the Agostini Refuge and head for the Ambiez hanging glacier with in front of you the wonderful sight of the sheer rock faces of the Tosa and Cima Ambiez peaks. After the path no. 321 fork (Castiglioni fixed rope route) you climb up the snowfield as far as the beginning of the fixed rope route along the southern rock face of the Tosa peak, carrying on to the Bocca Tosa pass and then on to the Sella della Tosa saddle where you are at the highest point of the path (2,859 metres). The path continues, without any particular difficulties, northwards on the eastern slope of the Tosa peak until it rejoins the normal path. Underneath you is the Palmieri path and lower down still is the dark stain of the Pozza Tramontana hollow; ahead is the Monte Daino massif. After several snowfields with wonderful views over the Campanil Basso and the Brenta Alta, carry on with the Cima Margherita on your left and when you have gone around the Cima Brenta Bassa you come to the Pedrotti Refuge after crossing path no. 320.

Starting point: rifugio  Silvio Agostini – Val d’Ambiez
Finishing point: rifugio Pedrotti
Maximum height: m. 2859 , Sella della Tosa
Difference in height: 450 meter
Time required: 2,30 – 3 hurs
number of path: 358, 304
Recommended route for early return to base: sentiero Palmieri  
Level of difficulty: not particularly difficult
Period recommended: june - october
Dal sentiero 358 dell'Ideale, prosecuzione via Ferrata Brentari, panorama su Brenta Alta, Brenta Bassa e Campanil Basso Cartina_ferrata_Brentari.jpg (287731 byte)
Dal sentiero 358 dell'Ideale,panorama su Brenta Alta, Brenta Bassa e Campanil Basso   Cartina Ferrata per gentile Concessione Editrice  La Giralpina
Papavero retico e Cima Ghez dalla Ferrata Brentari Punta ideal e Campanile Steck, Dolomiti di Brenta
Papavero retico e Cima Ghez   Punta Ideal e Campanile Steck
Le Cede e Cima Ghez da Sentiero Brentari La Boca della Tosa dalla Ferrata Brentari
     Le Cede e Cima Ghez da Sentiero Brentari               La Bocca della Tosa dalla Ferrata Brentari

Table of times between points and heights  sentiero Ottone Brentari

area path height time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Rif. Agostini 358 2410 0 0 -
fork 321 358 2500* 0,20 0,20 quota approssimativa, a sin. per Fer. Castiglioni
fork 304-358,vedr.Ambiez 358 2800 0,50 1,10 a sin. per la Bocca Ambiez 
Bocca della Tosa 304 2845 0,25 1,35 -
Base sud C.Brenta Bassa 304 2470 1,00 2,35 -
Rifugio Pedrotti 304 2491 0,10 2,45 -