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Brenta Dolomites - The access valleys and paths. Val di Jon: paths 349  and 348.
The Jon Valley winds from the south to the north between the slopes on the Monte Piz and Crona Vecchia peaks. The route begins from the bridge in Baesa. After crossing the River Ambiez the path begins to climb passing Masi di Jon, the Dos delle Fratte and Le Pezze peaks and the Malga Bassa Andogno (1,863 m.). It then goes to the west of the Cima Crona Vecchia peak and passes the Piaze and Balotoni delle Piaze peaks until it reaches the Malga Asbelz where it intersects path 348 which comes up from Seo. From here the itinerary is the same as the one described for the climb from Seo up to the Malga Valandro. 

After the Sella di Colmalta saddle, the Busa di Senaso hollow and the PrÓ del Vescovo meadow, those who wish to go down to the valley without passing the Al Cacciatore Refuge can turn right towards the well visible Malga di Senaso di Sopra (1,847 m.). From here an unnumbered path leads to path 325 and, going east, to the Malga di Senaso di Sotto lower down at 1,577 metres. From the Malga you can get to San Lorenzo in Banale by following path 325 or by taking path 342 which goes past Masi di Dengolo and then joins path 349 a little way above the bridge in Baesa.

M.asbelz_da_349_far.jpg (31265 byte) S_lorenzo_da_Ion.jpg (48017 byte)
path 349 near Malga Asbelz                    San Lorenzo and Dorsino seen from Masi di Jon
starting point Ponte di Baesa , San Lorenzo ,mt 798
Connections with public transport TRENTINO TRASPORTI  till San Lorenzo
By motor vehicle Sino al parcheggio presso il ponte
Nearest refuges or bivouacs


Rifugio al Cacciatore San Lorenzo
Main itineraries salita della Val di Jon per Malga Asbelz e il Rifugio al Cacciatore
Difference in height 1478 metri
Maximum height mt 2276, Selletta di Colmalta
difficulty tiring but not difficult
Il  Corno di Senaso dal Dos delle Saette: davanti a sinistra  la Busa di Senaso, ancora a sinistra i Marugini e la Sella di Colmalta Malga Asbelz, Dolomiti di Brenta

 The Corno di Senaso peak from the Dos delle Saette mountain: in the foreground on the left is the Busa di Senaso hollow; also on the left, the Maruggini peak and the Sella di Colmalta saddle. Lower down in the middle of a gr een clear ing stands the Malga Senaso di Sotto where path 342 passes on its way to Masi di Dengolo.

Malga  Asbelz

Table of times between points and heights: Ponte di Baesa - Rifugio al Cacciatore along the path 349

difference in height: m. 1478 maximum height: m.2276, Sella di Colmalta
Route point


time between points in minutes time from start in hours possible route variations
Ponte di Baesa 798 0 0 Cartina_Jon_Cacciatore.jpg (452596 byte)
Cartina per gentile concessione Editrice la Giralpina
detour to  Dengolo, s.342 964 30 h 0,30
Masi di Jon 1126 20 h 0,50
Malga Bassa Andogno 1663 110 h 2,40
Malga Asbelz 1956 60 h 3,40
detour 349-348, lago Asbelz 2024 10 h 3,50 follow path 348 northwards
Sella di Colmalta 2276 45 h 4,35 --
PrÓ del Vescovo, sopra Senaso di Sopra 1900 70 h 5,45 downhill along an unmarked path towards the Malga Senaso di Sopra and Malga Senaso di Sotto; from here there is a short cut back to Baesa along path 342 or path 325.
Rifugio al Cacciatore 1819 80 h 7,05  -

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