Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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The access valleys and paths: Valle dello Sporeggio. 
The Sporeggio Valley takes its name from the river that runs along it to then flow into the River Noce. This is the southern face of the Non Valley and it is bounded by the Campa subgroup of mountains and by Monte Fausior. The main municipalities are Spormaggiore, Sporminore and Cavedago. It is a good starting point for excursions to the high Campa meadows and the surrounding peaks. One place of particular interest is the Malga Spora which stands between the Altissimo-Gallino subgroup of mountains and Monte Fibbion (2,654 m.); from here numerous itineraries leave for Lake Tóvel, the Malga d’Arza, Malga Loverdina, the Grostè Pass, the Croz Altissimo Refuge and the La Montanara Refuge. From the naturalistic point of view the area is virtually unspoilt and is home to last surviving examples of the Alpine brown bear.

starting point


Spormaggiore (Le Seghe), Sporminore, Cavedago (near the church of San Tommaso)
Connections with public transport TRENTINO TRASPORTI
By motor vehicle not permitted
Nearest refuges or bivouacs


Malga Spora to the south of the Campa Group, Malga d’Arza to the north (accessible by asphalt road from Cunevo)
Main itineraries sent 302  e 301
places of interest to visit Bear enclosure at Spormaggiore, Belfort Castle (ruins) in Spormaggiore, small church of San Tommaso in Cavedago
main water courses Rio Sporeggio and Rio dei Mulini rivers separated in their initial stretch by the Prà Dalsass meadow

val_sporeggio.jpg (29744 byte)

cave_e_spora_v.jpg (33293 byte)

The Sporeggio Valley with the Paganella peak in the background

The access valley to the Malga Spora

Table of times between points and heights: Spormaggiore - Cavedago  - Malga Spora

Route point


time between points in minutes time from start in hours possible route variations
Spormaggiore Località le Seghe mt 565 - -


Cavedago -Chiesa di San Tommaso mt 900 - - -
Andalo - Selva Piana - - -
confluenza 302-301 - - -
ex malga Cavedago 1838 - - towards the Cavai Valley to the Malga Campa and Malga Loverdina across the Sella del Montoz saddle (paths 338, 370)
Malga Spora 1851 - 3,30 -

Visualizza Parco Adamello Brenta, Settore Brenta in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori


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