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Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Brenta Dolomites - The access valleys and paths. Valle del Vento (path.329)

From Carciato, an outlying district of Dimaro (Sole Valley, 772 m.), you can get to the Prà Castron Pass and the Costanzi-Albasini Bivouac through the Vento Valley along path 329 and, for a short stretch, path 365. After passing the Dosso Scrinzi peak on the left the path comes to the former Malga Scale. Here it turns eastwards as far as the Bait de l’Oto and then northwards towards the Dosso Scrinzi peak to then turn southwards again near Acqua dei Tartari (1,924 m.), climbing the left bank of the Vento Valley and approaching the northern face of the Cima del Tov peak. The path then turns eastwards along the Scale Valley with the main branch of the Vento Valley to the south (on the right). Near the Prà Castron Pass path 329 intersects path 365 which goes to the Costanzi-Albasini Bivouac.  

Dalla Val Meledrio veduta su Sasso Rosso Valle dei Cornai e Valle del Vento Cima Sasso Rosso, Val del vento, Cima Centonia, Cima del Tov e Cima Scale

From the Meledrio Valley: the Sasso Rosso peak, Cornai Valley and Vento Valley

  Cima Sasso Rosso, Val del vento, Cima Centonia, Cima del Tov e Cima Scale
starting point Fraz. Carciato di Dimaro  ( mt 774)
Connections with public transport TRENTINO TRASPORTI
By motor vehicle not permitted
Nearest refuges or bivouacs Bivacco Costanzi-Albasini
Main itineraries sent.329   via ex Malga Scale e Val del Vento
Difference in height metri 1646
Maximum height  m. 2420 circa, bivio 329-365 nei pressi di Passo Prà Castron


Table of times between points and heights: Carciato - Bivacco Costanzi-Albasini, sent.329

Route point



time between points in minutes time from start in hours possible route variations
Carciato(Dimaro) 329 776 0 0 car_vie_accesso_bivacco_costanzi.jpg (466518 byte)
Cartina su gentile concessione Editrice la Giralpina
Imbocco Val Plana, fork 365 329 950* 0,30 0,30
vic.ze ex Malga Scale, fork 355 329 1600* 2,10 2,40
Passo di Prà Castron 365 2502 2,30 5,10
Bivacco Costanzi( per sent. 365) -  2389 0,20 5,30

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