Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Brenta Dolomites - The access valleys and paths. Valle Flanginech, path 307
From Giustino (Rendena Valley, 770 m.) to the Dodici Apostoli Refuge.
Itinerary 307 runs along the crest which bounds the Flanginech Valley in the north, passing Mezzana (1,328 m.), as far as the Malga Bregn de l’Ors (1,630 m.). The Sentiero Tartarotti path (no. 307 bis) also comes to this point up from Prà Rodont (Pinzolo cable car station)
 Continue towards the Bregn de l’Ors Pass (1,836 m.) near which is the Baito
Cacciatori Stenico hunting lodge. From here carry on over the Pala dei Mughi peak to the start of the Agola Valley which leads to the Piana di Nardis plain, passing the Tof Rondolan massif, the Scala Santa crag and the terraced slopes of the Creper di Nardis, arriving finally at the refuge (2,489 m., about 5 hours).  

Pian del Nardis visto dalla "Scala Santa", vicinanze rifugio 12 Apostoli Malga Bregn de l'ors
Pian del Nardis

Malga Bregn de l'ors

starting point Giustino, m.770
Connections with public transport TRENTINO TRASPORTI
By motor vehicle non consentito
Nearest refuges or bivouacs  Rifugio 12 Apostoli
Main itineraries sentiero 307 per Il Rifugio XII Apostoli
Difference in height m.1719
Maximum height 2489m.,Rifugio Dodici Apostoli

Passo del Gotro

Table of times between points and heights: percorso Giustino - Rifugio Dodici Apostoli s.307

Route point


time between points in minutes time from start in hours possible route variations
Giustino 770 0 0 -
Malga Bregn de l'ors,bivio 307 bis 1630 2,30 2,30 Sentiero Tartarotti per Prà Rodont
Passo Bregn de l'Ors, bivio 357 1836 0,4 3,15 sentiero per Dos Sabion, funivia Pinzolo
bivio 307-354 1900 0,10 3,25 sent 354 per Malga Movlina
bivio 307-324,Val Nardis 1830 0,10 3,35 sent  324 per Lago Valagola
Rifugio 12 Apostoli 2489 1,45 5,20 -

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