Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Crossing the Brenta Dolomites, Trentino: from Groste Pass to lake Tovel via Bocca Tuckett

This is an alternative but more tiring and difficult itinerary to the classic 301-314 route. From the Grostè Pass you come to the Tuckett Refuge without any difficulty. Then you climb up the Tuckett snowfield as far as the Bocca del Tuckett pass at 2,648 metres, where the Via delle Bocchette Alte way and the Alfredo Benini route with fixed rope supports meet.
 After descending the eastern slope of the Bocca del Tuckett you begin to go down the fascinating and solitary Perse Valley. At the Busa dell’Acqua hollow, follow path 314 uphill to the Bocca Vallazza pass at 2,453 metres. The path now crosses the two Turrion peaks and then meets path no. 301. Still following no. 314 you finally begin the long descent of the Santa Maria Flavona Valley down to the lake.  

starting point: Passo del Grosté
finishing point: Lago di Tovel
maximum height: Bocca di Tuckett, m. 2648
difference in height about 950 m.
time required 8 - 9  hours
main crossing valleys Vallesinella Alta, Val Perse, Val Santa Maria Flavona
refuges etc. along the way Rifugio Tuckett
paths number 316.,303,314
recommended route for early return to base At the Busa dell’Acqua hollow you can take path no. 322 to the Croz Altissimo Refuge and to Molveno
difficulty level The descent from the Bocca del Tuckett pass can prove difficult in the event of snow or ice
recommended period giugno - ottobre
Transport  connections Collegamenti autobus Trentino
Lago di tovel  da sentiero 370 Val Flavona da sentiero 301
Lago di Tovel   Val Flavona da sentiero 301
v.perse_da_Tuckett.jpg (36736 byte) ved._tuckett_2.jpg (23295 byte)
The Val Perse from the  Bocca di Tuckett Vedretta di Tuckett

Table of times between points and heights:

area path nr. height time between areas time from start notes, route variations


Passo del Grosté 301 2442 0 0
Rifugio Tuckett 303 2272 1,15 1,15
Bocca di Tuckett, fork 305 303 2648 1,1 2,30
fork 303-322 322 2480 0,20 2,50
busa dell'acqua, fork 322,314 314 1920* 1,00 3,50
Bocca Vallazza 314 2453 1,40 5,30
Val Flavona Alta, fork 314-301 314 2020 0,30 6,00
vic.ze Malga Flavona, fork 330 314 1830* 0,50 6,50 path 330 to Malga d'Arza
Malga Pozzol, fork 371 314 1632 0,30 7,20 -
Ponte Rio Tresenica, fork 334,369 314 1560 0,10 7,30
Ponte della Dena, fork 312 314 1410 0,25 7,55
Lago di Tovel - 1189 0,45 8,40 -

Profilo altimetrico percorso grostè Tovel

Visualizza Parco Adamello Brenta, Settore Brenta in una mappa

from Andalo to Tovel lake ] from Dimaro to Tovel Lake ] From Malga Mondifrà to Lake Tovel ] From Groste Pass to lake Tovel ] from Molveno to Groste' pass ] from  Molveno to Massimeno ] From Molveno to San Lorenzo, along  V.Ceda ] From Molveno to Malga Movlina, Stenico ] from Molveno to Tovel Lake ] from Tovel lake to Dimaro ] from Groste pass to Malga Arza ] [ From Groste' to lake Tovel via B.Tuckett ] from Molveno to S.Lorenzo via Rossati ] from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via M.Spora ] from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via Val Brenta ] from Molveno to Campiglio via val Perse ] from Molveno to Seo ] from lake Tovel to Male ] Sentiero Costanzi ] Sentiero delle Palete ]