Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Crossing the Brenta Dolomites, Trentino: from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via Malga Spora

Start from the top station of the cable car that goes from Molveno up to the Altopiano di Pradel tableland (open every day from the last week in May to the end of September and at weekends from the beginning of May and in the first three weeks of October (check times and dates by phoning 0461-586981 / 586924). 
An alternative access route to the Croz Altissimo Refuge (1,430 m.) is the Seghe Valley, starting from Molveno near the Via Dolomiti hairpin bend, on path no. 322 (time from Molveno to the Croz Altissimo Refuge: 1½ hours). Starting from Pradel, on the other hand, you follow itinerary 340 up to the Croz Altissimo Refuge  which has the odd exposed stretch but you are protected by a metal barrier (a rope hand-rail). 
The route cuts across the western rock face of the Croz Altissimo peak and offers excellent views over the Sfulmini amphitheatre and over the peaks that bound the Perse Valley. At the refuge you turn right and climb the old river bed following path no. 322. After about half an hour you come to the fork with path no. 344 which heads for the Clamer Pass (2,164 m., 1½ hours from the fork with no. 322).
 This pass is easy to recognise for the presence of a boulder of considerable dimensions, which is very thin at the base and which seems to be balanced rather precariously, given its size. From the Clamer Pass towards the west you have a wonderful view over the whole of the central chain of the Brenta Dolomites, without doubt one of the most attractive vistas in the whole of Trentino. 
** Those who wish to return to Molveno without crossing the mountains can follow an alternative itinerary at this point. In about 3½ hours you can get back to Pradel (cable car station) by taking path no. 344 bis which from the Clamer Pass climbs the slopes of the Lasteri to the Croz Altissimo peak (2,339 m.) to then go back down towards Molveno and Andalo along the grassy slopes of the Altissimo-Gallino subgroup of mountains, first to the Montanara Refuge and then to Pradel.
 On the other hand, crossing the mountains involves going to the Malga Spora at 1,851 metres (45 minutes from the Clamer Pass). From here take path no. 301 northwards and turn left in the direction of the Gaiarda Pass (2,242 m.).
 You come to the pass after going over the last stretches of the scree of the imposing mountain side of the Croz del Fibbion. After the fork with path no. 371 which goes to the Malga Flavona, the route winds between the Mular Alto and Mular Basso peaks until it meets path no. 314 at 2,206 metres *** which comes up from the Perse Valley and which is one possible way to return to Molveno via the Croz Altissimo Refuge (fork 314 – 301, Croz Altissimo Refuge 3 hours 15 minutes). If on the other hand you continue along path no. 301 you soon pass Le Crosette and climb up the stone steps of the Grostè Pass, from where you can get to Madonna di Campiglio either by cable car (last trip at …) or on foot via the Graffer Refuge.

starting point: Molveno - Pradel
finishing point: Rifugio Stoppani al Grostè
maximum height: Mt 2442  Passo del Grostè
difference in height mt 1450
time required 6 - 7 hours
main peaks crossed passo Clamer (or Passo Dagnola) Passo Gaiarda, Passo Grostè
refuges etc. along the way Malga Spora
path numbers Path 340 as far as the Croz Altissimo Refuge, then no. 322 as far as the fork with no. 344 and then no. 344 to the Malga Spora and from here no. 301. If you choose to go to the Dagnola Pass then from the Montanara Refuge take path no. 344 b, then no. 352, then no. 353 and finally no. 301 which comes up from the Sporeggio Valley..
recommended route for early return to base From the Malga Spora to Andalo along path no. 301 to the east. Or ** from the Clamer Pass to the Lasteri Pass and the Montanara Refuge. Another possibility *** once you have reached the fork with path no. 314, go down to the Croz Altissimo Refuge via the Bocca Vallazza pass
Bus Connections Collegamenti autobus Trentino
level of difficulty The odd slippery stretch in the climb up to the Clamer Pass
recommended period june - october
special remarks Much less demanding in the opposite direction

Piana della Spora con Passo Clamer, Cima Lasteri e Pizzo Gallino

Table of times between points and heights

area path nr. height time between areas time from start notes, route variations


Altopiano di Pradel 340 1320 0 0 SEE MAP
seghe del Marillon, fork Montanara 340 1330* 0,25 0,25 bren_eb_340.jpg (54320 byte)
Il Brenta dal s.340
Rifugio Croz Altissimo, fork 322 322 1430 0,35 1,00 clamer_last_ov.jpg (27167 byte)
Passo Clamer e Brenta
Vallazza, fork 322, 344 344 1600 0,30 1,30 turn rightwards to the Clamer Pass
Passo Clamer, fork 344,344b 344 2164 1,30 3,00 go down to  Malga Spora
Malga Spora 301 1851 0,45 3,45 turn right, eastwards, to  ex Malga Cavedago
Passo Gaiarda 301 2242 1,10 4,55 car_molveno_groste.jpg (626468 byte)
Campo Flavona, fork 371 301 2196 0,10 5,05
Passo del Grosté 301 2442 1,10 6,15

Turrion Basso  Crosara del Fibion e Passo Gaiarda da s.301

Da Passo Gaiarda a metà della discesa verso Malga Spora, di fronte Cima Lasteri e Piz Galin

Visualizza Parco Adamello Brenta, Settore Brenta in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

from Andalo to Tovel lake ] from Dimaro to Tovel Lake ] From Malga Mondifrà to Lake Tovel ] From Groste Pass to lake Tovel ] from Molveno to Groste' pass ] from  Molveno to Massimeno ] From Molveno to San Lorenzo, along  V.Ceda ] From Molveno to Malga Movlina, Stenico ] from Molveno to Tovel Lake ] from Tovel lake to Dimaro ] from Groste pass to Malga Arza ] From Groste' to lake Tovel via B.Tuckett ] from Molveno to S.Lorenzo via Rossati ] [ from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via M.Spora ] from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via Val Brenta ] from Molveno to Campiglio via val Perse ] from Molveno to Seo ] from lake Tovel to Male ] Sentiero Costanzi ] Sentiero delle Palete ]