Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Crossing the Brenta Dolomites, Trentino: from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via Bocca di Tuckett

Up until the Croz Altissimo Refuge the itinerary is the same as the one described in the preceding section. From the Croz Altissimo Refuge it takes 30 minutes to get to the Selvata Refuge (1,630 metres).
 An alternative route to get from Molveno to this lovely refuge is to take path no. 322, or the Donini route which begins at the Bar Ciclamino in Pontesel, both of which go via the Malga Andalo Refuge (1,351 m.).
 From the Selvata Refuge you carry on along path no. 319 and after about 50 minutes, having passed two springs, you come to the former Baita Massodi alpine hut (1,985 m.). Crossing fields amid rhododenron and the last mountain pines you come to the Laghet depression; from here the peaks are so lovely that the view over the Sfulmini, Campanil Basso and Brenta Alta Group is quite breath-taking.

In vista del Rifugio Tuckett con la Punta Massari

starting point: Molveno Pradel ( mt 1320)
finishing point: Madonna di Campiglio ľRifugio Vallesinella
maximum height: mt 2678 , Bocca di Tuckett
difference in height mt 1358
time required 9-10 hours
main peaks crossed Val delle Seghe, Val Perse, Vallesinella
refuges etc. along the way Rifugio Croz Altissimo, Rifugio Selvata, Rifugio Tuckett, Rifugio Casinei
path numbers nr 340 and  319 tille the fork 303,nr 303, nr 317.
recommended route for early return to base from  Val Perse to  Molveno along path 322
level of difficulty  Long itinerary, not difficult with the odd stretch with fixed rope supports
Bus connections Collegamenti autobus Trentino
recommended period june - october
la Val Perse dal sent.340b

la Val Perse dal sent.340b

Cartina  su gentile concessione Editrice la Giralpina

Table of times between points and heights

area path nr. height time between areas time from start notes, route variations


Molveno,via Dolomiti 319 880 0 0 -
Baita Ciclamino, fork Sent.Donini 319 926 0,10 0,10 s.322.jpg (33807 byte)
Val Perse e prÓ Massenzi
Busa del Formai, fork 319-322 322 1300* 0,50 1,00 -
Croz Altissimo, fork 322,340 340 1430 0,30 1,30 -
Rifugio Selvata, fork 332 319 1630 0,40 2,10 -
fork 319-303 319 2420 2,00 4,10 -
Val Perse,fork 303-322 303 2480 2,10 6,20 -
Bocca di Tuckett 303 2648 0,35 6,55 vedretta_tuckett_2.jpg (26924 byte)
La vedretta di Tuckett
Rifugio Tuckett 317 2270 0,45 7,40 -
Rifugio Casinei 317 1825 1,00 8,40 s303_daino__da_castellaz.jpg (41796 byte)
Il s.Orsi verso Busa Castellaz
Rifugio Vallesinella - 1513 0,45 9,05 303__cengia_2.jpg (55006 byte)
Un passaggio attrezzato nel s.Orsi

Campanil Bas, gli Sfulmni e la Torre di Brenta dal Sentiero Orsi

Visualizza Parco Adamello Brenta, Settore Brenta in una mappa

from Andalo to Tovel lake ] from Dimaro to Tovel Lake ] From Malga MondifrÓ to Lake Tovel ] From Groste Pass to lake Tovel ] from Molveno to Groste' pass ] from  Molveno to Massimeno ] From Molveno to San Lorenzo, along  V.Ceda ] From Molveno to Malga Movlina, Stenico ] from Molveno to Tovel Lake ] from Tovel lake to Dimaro ] from Groste pass to Malga Arza ] From Groste' to lake Tovel via B.Tuckett ] from Molveno to S.Lorenzo via Rossati ] from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via M.Spora ] from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via Val Brenta ] [ from Molveno to Campiglio via val Perse ] from Molveno to Seo ] from lake Tovel to Male ] Sentiero Costanzi ] Sentiero delle Palete ]