Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Crossing the Brenta Dolomites, Trentino: from Molveno to San Lorenzo via the Rossati Pass 

The itinerary begins in Molveno at Croce Marocchi (near the entrance to the Spiaggio camp-site). The first stretch follows the same route as path 332 which goes up to the Malga Andalo. Soon you come to a fork where you turn left and go as far as the point where the path joins the forestry road which climbs up to the Malga Andalo. Carry on along this road until path no. 326 turns northwards along Vela and the Ceda Valley.
 Climb up as far as the ruins of the Malga Ceda Bassa (1,434 m.) from where, along traces of a path, you come to the Malga Andalo Refuge. Continue along path no. 326 and you will come to the ruins of the former Malga Ceda Alta (1,888 m.). On the right are the rocky slopes of the Cima Sparaveri peak and of Monte Cresole, while on the left are the rock spurs of Monte Dio and Dos di Dalum, between which the lonely San Lorenzo Valley winds its way, enclosed by the Rossati peak. 
Carry on along grassy expanses until you come to the Ceda Pass at 2,223 metres which encloses the dark Pozza Tramontana hollow. Further on, at the fork with path no. 320, turn left (i.e. westwards) and follow path no. 320 as far as the Forcolotta di Noghera pass (2,415 m.). 
The route that follows is called the “Sborzi way” by the locals, after the nickname given to the Rigotti brothers from San Lorenzo in Banale who followed this track in order to carry out construction work on the old Tosa Refuge. 
At the Forcolotta di Noghera pass leave path no. 320 and take no. 345 which goes down to the base of the eastern edge of the Dos di Dalum (1,900 m., 1 hour 15 minutes). Over moraine terrain and in wild surroundings climb up the San Lorenzo Valley as far as the Rossati Pass (2,358 m, 2½ hours from the Forcolotta di Noghera pass). 
Here the descent begins first over debris and through fields, and then along the sunny Doré Valley, down to the Piana di Foschera plain and Prada and finally to the Alpenrose Refuge (1,081 m.) and the nearby Bar Erica in La Ri (5 – 5½ hours from the Forcolotta di Noghera pass and almost 10 hours from Molveno).
Note: there is a considerably shorter route near the ruins of the Malga Ceda Alta (about 1,880 m.). Cross the valley along traces of a path going left (i.e. westwards) and aim for the eastern edge of the Dos di Dalum where you cross path 345 which begins to climb the San Lorenzo Valley (this way you cut about 3 hours off the total time).  

starting point: Molveno  Camping ( mt 830)
finishing point: S. Lorenzo in Banale, rifugio Alpenrose.
maximum height: mt 2415 , Forcolotta di Noghera
difference in height mt  2000 
time required about 10 hours 
main crossing valleys Val di Ceda, Val Noghera, Val di San Lorenzo, Val Dorè, Prada
paths number 326, 320, 345
BUS CONNECTIONS Collegamenti autobus Trentino
difficulty level rather tiring and not always very well marked
recommended period JUNE - OCTOBER
Cartina_Alpenrose_Pedrotti_trc.jpg (462754 byte)
Da sinistra: Cima Ghez, Dos Dalum e Cima Ceda
Cartina su gentile concessione Editrice La Giralpina Da sinistra: Cima Ghez, Dos Dalum e Cima Ceda

Profilo altimetrico e telpi percorrenza traversata  Molveno Rossati San Lorenzo

Table of times between points and heights from  Molveno to San Lorenzo via the Rossati Pass

area path nr. height time between areas time from start notes, route variations


Molveno -Camping Strada  Ponte Romano 332 835 0 0 SEE MAP
fork 332- 326 326 925 0,10 0,10
La Vela , fork strada for, s.326 326 1174 0,25 0,35 val_dore_1.jpg (28959 byte)
Val Dorè dal M.Ranzo
rovine di Malga Ceda Bassa 326 1440 1,10 1,45 detour to Malga Andalo
ovine ex Malga Ceda Alta, raccordo con s.345  a sin 1888 1,20 3,05 cross the Ceda Valley to the left (westwards)
Spigolo est Dos Dalum 345 1980 0,25 3,30
Passo dei Rossati 345 2358 1,20 4,50 rossati_b near.jpg (28583 byte)
Passo dei Rossati da M.Ranzo
Prada, fork 345 bis 345 1541 1,45 6,35
Rif.Alpenrose - 1081 1,00 7,35 An asphalt road leads in 5 minutes from San Lorenzo in Banale to the Alpenrose Refuge.

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