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Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Crossing the Brenta Dolomites: Sentiero Costanzi

A wildly beautiful route that first meanders over vast grassy meadows to then wend its way along the audacious crests of the peaks of the northern chain. Dotted with quite demanding stretches which have fixed rope supports, this route requires fitness, training and the ability to deal with unpleasant surprises and danger due to changing weather conditions. However, the vastness and the variety of the views more than make up for the hard physical effort required. A little used route even in season. From the Peller Refuge go down towards the Lake Durigal car park and then walk through the Pian della Nana plain meadows. 
Go up the Sasso Rosso slope to the Prà Castron Pass (2,502 m.) where the route along the crest begins, going as far as the Bocca dei Tre Sassi pass. After the narrow “Schiena dell’Asen” (donkey’s back) crest, you go down to the Bocca del Vento pass (2,562 m.); then go around the Cima Vento and Cima Liveze peaks to the Bocchetta delle Liveze (2,720 m.), from where you climb up the Cima Rocca peak and the crest of the Cima Paradiso peak (2,835 m.). Then climb along the Cima Sassara peak which has a number of steep gorges and near which stands the Bonvecchio bivouac (2,779 m.). 
The path then crosses the Cima Sassara from the western side, goes around the Sasso Alto peak and takes you to the Gelada di Tuenno Valley pass at 2,686 metres with the help of fixed rope supports. You then go around the Corno di Flavona peak from the south-west to go down to the Bocca dei Tre Sassi pass (2,614 m.). Going down the Gelada di Campiglio Valley the route shares a stretch with path no. 334.  

cartina_costanzi_nord.jpg (711209 byte) cartina_costanzi_sud.jpg (871228 byte)
number of days required 1- 2 days
suggestions for overnight stays Bivacco Bonvecchio (mt 2779 )
starting point:  Rifugio Peller  mt 2022 
finishing point: Rifugio Graffer, m. 2261
maximum height:  metri 2831 ( Cima Rocca)
difference in height about 900 meter 
time required 10 –11 hours
main peaks crossed Cima Nana, Sasso Rosso, Cima  Benon, Schiena dell’Asino, Cima Benon, Cima Tuena, Cima del Vento, Cima delle Livezze, Cima Rocca, Cima Paradiso, Cima Sassara, Sasso Alto, Corno di Flavona, Cima Vagliana, Pietra  Grande
refuges etc. along the way Bivacco Costanzi  ( 30 min. from Selletta della Nana), Bivacco Bonvecchio (mt 2779 )
path numbers 313 till the Lago Durigal, 336 .
recommended route for early return to base

From the Prà Castron Pass with path no. 329 to Dimaro, 4 hours; again from the Prà Castron Pass to Lake Tóvel along itinerary 310 to the Malga Tuena and then along no. 309. From the Bocchetta dei Tre Sassi pass to the Malga Mondifrà along path 334, 2 hours, then by road to the Campo Carlo Magno Pass. Again along path no. 334, but going eastwards, you come to Lake Tóvel in 2 hours.

level of difficulty only for the expert and very fit; tiring and difficult
recommended period june - september
special remarks wonderful route, only for the expert and very fit

Table of times between points and heights sentiero Costanzi, n 336

area height time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Rifugio Peller 2022 0 0 SEE MAP
Vicinanza Malga Tassullo, fork 311 2090 1,00 1,00 to  Lago di Tovel viathe   Val Formiga Pass
Passo della Nana, fork 335-306 2195 0,45 1,45 s.335  to Dimaro, 306 sentiero delle Palete
Selletta della Nana, fork 365 2520* 1,00 2,45 s.365 to  Bivacco Costanzi (30 min.) and Dimaro via  Val 
Passo di Prà Castron, fork 310 , 329 2502 0,30 3,15 s.329 to Dimaro along the Val del Vento, s.310 via Tuena
Bivacco Bonvecchio 2779 3,00 6,15 Cornaibivacco centenario.jpg (284898 byte)
Bivacco  Cima Sassara
P.sso Val Gelada di Tuenno, fork 380 2686 1,00 7,15 s. 380 to  Val Gelada Tuenno , la Dena and Tovel Lake
Bocchetta dei tre Sassi, fork 334 2614 0,45 8,00 s.334 to  Malga Mondifrà or Val de le Giare and Tovel.
Sperone degli Orti, fork 390 2522 1,20 9,20 s.390, via ferrata G.Vidi
Rifugio Graffer 2262 0,50 10,10 -

The northern crest of the Brenta Dolomites where the Costanzi path runs

Photo Marco Comper

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from Andalo to Tovel lake ] from Dimaro to Tovel Lake ] From Malga Mondifrà to Lake Tovel ] From Groste Pass to lake Tovel ] from Molveno to Groste' pass ] from  Molveno to Massimeno ] From Molveno to San Lorenzo, along  V.Ceda ] From Molveno to Malga Movlina, Stenico ] from Molveno to Tovel Lake ] from Tovel lake to Dimaro ] from Groste pass to Malga Arza ] From Groste' to lake Tovel via B.Tuckett ] from Molveno to S.Lorenzo via Rossati ] from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via M.Spora ] from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via Val Brenta ] from Molveno to Campiglio via val Perse ] from Molveno to Seo ] from lake Tovel to Male ] [ Sentiero Costanzi ] Sentiero delle Palete ]