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Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Crossing the Brenta Dolomites, Trentino: Sentiero delle Palete

From the Stoppani Refuge (top station of the Grostè cable car) take path no. 306 which goes around the Pietra Grande and Cima Vagliana peaks from the east to come out on the long green Prà Castron di Flavona terrace and to then cross the Giare Valley.
 After passing, still to the east, the Gra de Formenton with the odd exposed stretch, you begin to climb towards the Palete Pass (2,319 m., fixed rope supports). Then the route goes down the Gelada di Tuenno Valley and round the Cima delle Palete peak to the west and starts to cross the slopes of the Livezza Grande and – more difficult – the slopes of the Livezza Piccola.
 After the Pestacavre Valley you come to the Campo di Tuenno and begin to climb as far as the Prà Castron di Tuenno meadow (2,220 m.). The route then goes past the Cima dell’Uomo peak with several exposed stretches (wonderful views of the Flavona Valley and of Lake Tóvel), and over the Uomo Pass to come out on the Pian della Nana plain.
 Here the route turns northwards towards the Nana Pass (2,195 m.) where it joins path 336 going to the Peller Refuge. This route winds along the eastern slopes with peerless views of Lake Tóvel and the Non Valley. Although there are no stretches along crests, this route does require fitness and the ability to orientate yourself. It includes stretches with fixed rope supports.

Catena settentrionale del Brenta, Corno di Denno Sentiero delle Palete, Dolomiti di Brenta, bivio 334 - 306
Sentiero delle Palete, Dolomiti di Brenta, n.306 Sentiero delle Palete, Dolomiti di Brenta, n.306 verso  Passo Palete
starting point: Rifugio Grostè  mt 2432 
finishing point: rifugio Peller  mt 2022
maximum height: mt 2442 slm ( Passo del Grostè)
difference in height 350 m
time required 8 - 9 hours
refuges etc. along the way Bivacco Pinamonti presso Malga Tassulla
path numbers 306 - 336
difficulty level Difficult route with several exposed stretches
recommended period june - september
Trentino bus connections Collegamenti autobus Trentino
Sentiero delle Palete, Dolomiti di Brenta, n.306 tratto esposto  verso  Passo Palete Sentiero delle Palete, Dolomiti di Brenta, n.306 verso il bivio della Dena
Sentiero delle Palete, Dolomiti di Brenta, n.306 discesa da Passo Palete Lago di Tovel dal sentiero delle Palete
cartina_costanzi_nord.jpg (711209 byte) cartina_costanzi_sud.jpg (871228 byte)
Cartina parte nord sentiero Palete  Cartina parte sud sentiero Palete.

Table of times between points and heights Sentiero delle Palete, n. 306

area height time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Passo del Grosté 306 2442 0 0 -
Val de le Giare, fork 334 306 2177 1,00 1,00 s.334 to the  Lago di Tovel
Liveza Grande, fork 312-380 306 2184 2,00 3,00 s.312  della Dena to the l Lago di Tovel
Val Pestacavre, fork 380 306 2054 0,30 3,30 M.ga_tuena_e_v_madris.jpg (43430 byte)
Malga Tuena e Val Madris
Prà Castron di Tuenno, fork 310 306 2220 1,30 5,00 s.310 to Malga Tuena
Passo della Nana 336 2195 1,30 6,30 -
Vicinanza Malga Tassullo, fork 311 336 2090 0,40 7,10 to the lago di Tovel along the di Val Formiga
Rifugio Peller - 2022 1,00 8,10 -

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