Lago Park Hotel Molveno in riva al lago di fronte alle  Dolomiti di Brenta

Vacanze al Lago di Molveno, Dolomiti di Brenta

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Between peaks, gorges, rock shelves and hanging glaciers: 7 days on the fixed support routes of the Brenta Group, Trentino.

This itinerary, together with the northern crest, represents the hardest way of moving around the Brenta Dolomites. Naturally this difficulty is fully repaid by the strong emotions that contact with the Brenta peaks arouse in any hiker: breath-taking views which change with every gorge (or “bocchetta”), deep abysses enveloped in mist, walkways, often extremely narrow, carved out on the natural rock shelves which run horizontally along many peaks, and fixed ladders. Except for the Oliva Detassis path, all the other fixed rope support routes in the Brenta group are included in this itinerary. 
For details regarding the times between points and the descriptions of the fixed rope support routes, click on the names of the fixed support routes as well as on the access routes to the refuges.

NB.:  the times between points given in the tables refer to an average walking speed (about 300-350 metres of difference in height per hour going uphill, about 500 metres going downhill and about 3 km on the flat), they do not include stops and they assume normal weather conditions.
first day: Madonna di Campiglio - del Grosté - Via Ferrata G. Vidi  Rifugio Graffer . Maximum number of hours hiking per day: 2,30 (without the stretch Madonna di campiglio- Grostè)
2nd day: Rifugio Graffer - Via  Ferrata A.Benini R Tuckett . Maximum number of hours hiking per day:  5,00.
3nd day Rifugio Tuckett Bocchette Alte way - Rifugio Alimonta. Maximum number of hours hiking per day: 6,30.
4th dayRifugio Alimonta - Bocchette Centrali way - Rifugio Pedrotti. Maximum number of hours hiking per day: 4,00.
5h dayRifugio Pedrotti - Via Ferrata .Brentari - Rifugio Agostini. Maximum number of hours hiking per day:3,00 .
6th day:  - Rifugio Agostini - Via Ferrata E. Castiglioni - Martinazzi Path- Rifugio Brentei  Maximum number of hours hiking per day: 6,00.
7th dayRifugio Brentei  - sentiero ferrato Sosat Rifugio Tuckett - Madonna di Campiglio. Maximum number of hours hiking per day: 4,30.

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